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Western’s Offerings

Consistent & Inspired Group Classes & private training for more than 12 years

-- Please Check the Monthly Schedule Page --
All group classes require a two person minimum   --  Bring a friend to ensure that your class happens;  " We will always teach to two"
 Gift Certificates Available:  Give your loved ones the gift of back health & core fitness

Pilates Mat and Small Apparatus Class
This class is offered in Gunnison at 5:30 pm on Thursdays. Class varies every week, but usually involves Pilates floor exercises for 25 minutes and use of one of the fabulous assortment of small Pilates props for the remaining 25 minutes of class.  Suitable for all levels 

Private Pilates Sessions
 Teaching classical Pilates movements, with modifications and variations to give the client what they need at each session. Available in Gunnison or at your home. Call Kenny for an appointment

 RedCord Group Class
This Suspension Fitness class is offered in Gunnison at 8:45 am Mondays, & 6:00 am Thursdays at the Main Street Clinic
A multilevel small group class using the portable RedCord "mini"s ropes system to challenge balance, stability & core strength. Lots of upper body strength building, combined with a Pilates approach to full body muscular development and functional fitness.  Fast moving and Fun!

RedCord Multi-Suspension private or duet Session 
The RedCord Corrective focus is based in Physical Therapy and uses slings and resistance bands to unweight joints and facilitate healthy movement patterns. With two RedCord rope sets in series, your body can get the support it needs to promote healing and improve strength.
The RedCord Active focus uses multi-suspension elements for an intense sport specific or cross-training regime that builds strength, endurance, and balance  --  all the great things we want in a workout --  And fun, too!  Call Kenny for appointment.  Available in Gunnison.

Thai Yoga Therapy
Enjoy a 75 or 90 minute Thai massage / assisted stretch session that will leave you relaxed and refreshed. Acupressure, gentle twists, and stretching within yoga movements provide a wonderful, active massage and stretch experience. Available in studio or at your residence.  Call Kenny for appointment
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